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    Default Re: Two Nooks, Two Accounts?

    How about "Two Nooks and Two Accounts"? At least that is what I am trying to find out... how to set up two separate accounts on one computer. I see threads for multiple nooks with one account (I apologize in advance if I have hijacked this thread), but cannot find anything about multiple accounts. My wife does not want to clutter up her nook when I get my Star Wars/SciFi geek on and I really don't want all the Fabio (did I just "date" myself...getting old, I know) romance books on my nook. We each have a BN account, but whenever we buy a book via our own account the book ends up on both nooks. Do we just have to live with this and learn to organize?

    Thanks for any assistance

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    Default Re: Two Nooks, Two Accounts?

    According to what you have described it sounds like you only have one account with B&N which you have both nooks registered to. To accomplish what your want to do you will have to set up another account with B&N then unregister one nook, and register it to the new account. Going forward when ebooks are purchased they will down load to the appropriate nook.

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    Default Re: Two Nooks, Two Accounts?

    Yes, that is what I did. We are a 2 nook family. My wife and I have different tastes in reading. So in order to prevent her fluff from polluting my nook, and my junk from cluttering up her nook...

    we created 2 different accounts of course with two different email addresses and registered hers to her B&N account and mine to my B&N account.

    Problem solved.
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    Default Re: Two Nooks, Two Accounts?

    I actually like the one account / multiple Nook approach. We each use our own shelves to render the others books hidden from view. I only see her books when I have to shelve them. Her shelf is the very last.

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