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    Unhappy Nook not charging...

    Hello readers, I received my NookColor as a birthday present from my husband last may...I loved it!! But after a stopped charging. Let me say that I use my nook constantly to check my email, facebook, and about anything I could do online...and of course to download my favorite books. I charged it and used it everyday. Before it stopped charging it got very, very hot. Took it to the store, replaced chargers, called tech support and they decided that it was a deffective nook. Nicely they offer to send me another one, which they did. Problem solved, right? WRONG. Last week, two months after getting my replacement, I had the very same problem again!!! it got very hot and stopped charging!!! why is this happening?? I called Tech support again and they offer to replace it again, only that, it will be the last replacement...what if it happens again!!!What am I doing wrong?? Today I received my second replacement, and I'm terrified!! How long is the nook supposed to last anyway? Anybody having this problem?? Can't believed it happened to me twice!!

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    I have two Nook Color and have not had any problems and I charge mine every night even when the charge is not low. Make sure the charging adaptor is putting out the proper voltage. Also check the outlet you use and make sure it has the proper voltage too.

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    Apache is spot on, have your house wiring checked, especially that outlet.
    Then once you know exactly what is up with your outlets, you might choose to use a quality surge protector, line conditioner, etc to really protect your NC.
    I use my NC heavily, charge it every other day and have never had charging problems (yet ).
    peace out...

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