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    I have just gotten my replacement Nook. When my original Nook was OFF and I pushed the button to turn it ON, the big screen would go gray, just for a second then go back to white and the color touchscreen would come on for just a few seconds, then it would go black and the Nook would not turn on, after pressing the ON button 3 more times, I would finally get my Nook to turn ON. I called customer service and was told to reset, also to un-register and re-register, nothing worked, so they sent me a new Nook. I charged my Nook, turned it off and then turned it back on again and it did the SAME THING!!! What is going on? I went to the Nook expert and B&N last night, of course the Nook wouldn't do what it's been doing (not turning on, but color screen flashing on for a few seconds). It performed beautifully. I was told not to ever turn it off, just keep it "asleep". has this happened to anyone else?

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    Hi mommycarlson: Welcome to NOOKBOARDS... No, I've never heard of somebody being advised to never turn off their Nook.

    Many of us rarely do, for a variety of reasons, but to be told to not seem quirky to me.

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    Thank you Donna. I have to admit, it's handy not turning the Nook off, and it avoids the bottom screen turning on and off and having to press the button 3 times to get it to turn on finally, but it seems a waste of battery life, although my battery seems to last 2-3 days at the most whether I turn it off or leave it asleep. I don't buy into the advertisement that says the battery lasts for 10 days! I am wondering if the touch screen turning on after depressing the "on" button issue has ever happened to anyone else, it doesn't seem like it has and it's happened to me with two different Nooks.

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    mommycarlson, mine does the same thing. I usually turn it off when I'm not reading it, but it's only off for maybe 8 hours at a time. When I try to turn it back on, it refuses to come on. So I hold the button, let it go, hold it again and it finally turns on. This has happened about 5 times now. I've had it since Christmas, and it only just started doing this about 6 weeks ago. This morning it finally did a fallback and all of my data was erased. I called CS and they told me to drain the battery completely and then recharge it. I told them I had already done that a month ago, but I suppose they have to document that they told me to do it and I complied before they replace the thing.

    I guess if I get the thing going again I will just let it sit in sleep mode rather than turning it off. I figured if I turned it off, I would be conserving power. Looks like it's backfired...

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    I don't turn mine off any more, I keep it in airplane mode, put it to sleep when I'm done reading and my battery lasts 2-3 days tops.
    I went to a Nook "expert" Saturday at B&N and he had the guts to tell me my battery should last 2 weeks! LOL I said "you are
    mistaken." 2 weeks??? Does anyone out there have a battery that lasts that long? I was also told that shutting off and
    starting back up drains the battery, but I really see no difference in battery life shutting off vs. putting to sleep. However,
    putting to sleep rather than shutting off avoids the issue in my first post!

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