Syncing Nook with iPhone - a challenge!

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    Default Syncing Nook with iPhone - a challenge!

    Hi All,

    Firstly I have no answers on how to do this but I wanted to pose an idea to any Nook hackers out there. I'd like to be able to sync my Nook's reading progress with an e-reader app on my iphone.

    At the moment I have my library stored on dropbox after exporting it from calibre using calibre2odps. I can then sync that library to both my Nook and to Stanza on my iPhone. Given these two devices/applications can connect the same repository to get books from is there a way they can both access (and upload) reading progress for those books to that same place?

    It would be great to pick up my iphone on short journeys and be at the same place in a book as I am in my nook. I appreciate that Stanza as an app might not have the ability to sync reading progress but maybe there is another one (perhaps a jailbreak app) that permits that.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this working?


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    Default Re: Syncing Nook with iPhone - a challenge!

    Hi Sam... I see that this is your first post on NOOKBOARDS, so welcome.

    I am not into what you are doing, but maybe take a gander this cross-post:

    Hang tight, as I feel confident that somebody here will respond to you and your quest.

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    Default Re: Syncing Nook with iPhone - a challenge!

    I don't really think that what you want is possible at this stage without a decent about of programming. Basically you need to sync the "last page" data from stanza and the nook.

    Both programs maintain a database internally of what books are on the device or that it has access to (not sure if Stanza downloads the books locally). Those databases should have a spot to keep track of what page, if any, was the last one read. First you would need to know where each program kept this data, have someway of pulling it out, translate it to something the other end would recognize, then copy it over.

    To give you an example Calibre creates a file called metadata.db in the directory it stores your books. I have Calibre installed on two computers and I sync that directory between them with Dropbox. So when I add a book to Calibre on one computer both the book and the changes to the metadata.db file are copied to the other computer. When I open up Calibre on the other computer the book is already in the library because of this.

    That's easy enough to do with Calibre because it's the same program on both ends and it stores all the info in an easily accessible file. With two different programs on devices you don't readily have access to the filesystem on it would take a lot of effort.

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