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    I FINALLY got three emails yesterday that all three of my books were available for download.

    3 weeks later, I finally get the books. AND they took it right out of my gift card. I should have been credited for the 3 week delay.

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    Well I got my question answered since I'm having the same problem. Called tech support twice, went thru the whole unregistering/reregistering process both times. This title offered an overview for free which did download and I'm wondering if that is blocking the delivery of the actual book. B&N refuses to give me a refund on this purchase and I am tired of battling with them (almost as bad as calling XM satelite radio. Don't get me started on that one). I've also had the experience of buying two more books since and they downloaded just fine. Got the Nook for Christmas but I don't need these hassles. I suppose the Kindle has problems too. On the fence......print books were SO much simpler. Close with one question as a frustrated newbie....... What is the difference between My Nook Library and My Documents ? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muttdad
    What is the difference between My Nook Library and My Documents ? Thanks.
    @ muttdad: Sorry to hear of your issues. Welcome to NOOKBOARDS, so lets see if we can answer any questions.

    Do you have a NC or a classic Nook?

    On the classic Nook side of things, there is a 'My B&N Library' which contains those B&N eBooks you've obtained and have been loaded on to you Nook either via a connection to 3G or WiFi. 'My Documents' is for eBooks you've sideloaded.

    On the NC, you can go to here and look at stuff on Page 45:

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    Please check if you have a valid default credit card on your account..
    Even if you use gc to purchase this ebook, you need to have a cc on the account for DRM purposes.
    Try to contact the bank if there's any problem with the cc on the account
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