"Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Hard" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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    Default "Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Hard" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.

    This ebook presents scientific evidence in support of its thesis that interstellar space flight is not so difficult. It is readily possible in both theory and practice. This ebook explains why in theory and how in practice it can be accomplished.

    Rather than my trying to explain in a few paragraphs what is barely explained in this 25,000 word book, read the blurb and look inside. Persons interested in space ships. space exploration, interstellar travel, colonies on Earth type worlds and encounters with ET aliens will enjoy reading this ebook.

    With 12 illustrations, 15 hyperlinked chapters and references. Only $2.99 at this time.

    "Interstellar Space Flight is Not So Hard" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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    Tom Sawyer
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    Persons interested in space ships, space flight, interstellar flight, colonizing other worlds, encounters with ETs, and humanity's future in space, will like reading this ebook.

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