Hey everyone,

I've recently made Learn Me Good available on the Nook again, as well as its sequel, Learn Me Gooder. You don't have to be a teacher to enjoy the funny stories, the outrageous characters, and the memorable sign-offs within these pages.


I teach, therefore I am... poor.

Learn Me Good is the hilarious first person account of a year-in-the-life of a brand new teacher. Inspired by real-life experiences of rambunctious and precocious children, lesson plans gone awry, and incredibly outrageous quotes, this laugh a minute page turner will give you a new appreciation for educators.

Jack Woodson was a thermal design engineer for four years until he was laid off from his job. Now, as a teacher, he faces new challenges. Conference calls have been replaced with parent conferences. Product testing has given way to standardized testing. Instead of business cards, Jack now passes out report cards. The only thing that hasn't changed noticeably is the maturity level of the people surrounding him all day.

Learn Me Good is Jack's retelling of his harrowing rookie year, written as a series of emails to Fred Bommerson, his engineering buddy. He holds a March Mathness tournament, he faces a child's urgent declaration of "My bowels be runnin'!", and he mistakenly asks one girl's mother if she is her brother. With subject lines such as "Irritable Vowel Syndrome," "In math class, no one can hear you scream," and "I love the smell of Lysol in the morning," Jack fills each email with sarcastic observations, insightful comments, and plenty of irreverent wit.

If you've ever taught, you will undoubtedly recognize aspects of your own students in Jack's classroom. If you've never set foot in a classroom, you will still appreciate the funny quirks, behaviors, and quotes from the kids and adults alike.