Witch Hunter (Raine's Landing #6)

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    Default Witch Hunter (Raine's Landing #6)

    “But I am innocent, I tell you! I am not a witch!”

    “Well, we shall soon find out the truth of that. Prepare yourself for your ordeal.”

    Back in 1687, Verena Oakemont was put to death by the notorious witchfinder Thaddeus Firman. And – despite her protestations – she really was a witch, and a powerful one too, the daughter of a demon.

    Three centuries later, she’s escaped from **** and returned to Raine’s Landing. Death has made her magic powers far stronger than ever, and it’s not merely the town that she wants to subdue. Her gaze is fixed upon the world beyond it.

    But that’s not the biggest problem Ross and Cassie have to face. Something even worse is coming in Verena’s wake, the servant of an ancient force that would destroy the Universe itself. And the only person who has any chance of standing in its way … is Cassie’s brand-new daughter, May.

    A vengeful witch. A brutal hunter. And a magically-empowered child. These are the ingredients for the most climactic Raine’s Landing adventure yet.

    WITCH HUNTER on B&N Nook.

    “Will mesmerize readers from cover to cover” – RT Book Reviews.

    “The rest of us stand on the sidelines with eyes wide open at his audacity and wonder what he’ll do next” – Black Static magazine.

    “If you love the fantasy genre, like the Dresden Files, you will love this series as well! I hope (it) never ends!” – Cynthia Cleckler.

    “Excellent series. Very enjoyable with an interesting twist on the urban fantasy template” – Robert Cottrell.

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    All of my Raine's Landing novels are on SPECIAL OFFER on Nook at the moment. Why not take a look?

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