Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

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    Default Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    Let's see if anyone has any ideas on this one.

    I am on NookColor #3 - and my last chance at owning this device.

    Here's my problem - when I hook nookcolor to PC or Laptop, device is not recognized. At first it is. But, after a few days, neither will recognize.

    Laptop - Sony Vios - about 6 mo. old. Running Windows 7, Kaspersky Anti Virus - all drivers have been updated, and ports - everything during the course of this process. - 4 different USB ports.
    Tower - Dell - about 2 years old running Vista, Trend Micro. Vista updated, but drives probably need work. - 4 Usb PORTS

    I primarily use the laptop. which is really where I want to connect it.

    All three initially connected, allowing me to add updates and books. The first one lasted about 3 days before problems started. Worked through it and right at the end of the 14 days, brought it in and BN could not get it connected either. #2 lasted 2 days before it stopped being recognized. The computers would recognize Card in card slot, but not nook drive. Both would recognize drive upon initial connection, but not on subsequent ones. The plug connection seemed off - plug would not go all the way in. I have #3 at home now. So far, I've been able to connect it to my laptop, but it took 2 tries to get it today (got yesterday.) Plug connection to nc seems secure.

    What it actually does:
    I connect cord to USB port with nc awake. Then the box comes up on Nc that says its connected to USB port. Computer recognizes it and messages come up asking if I want to scan. Then messages go away, box on nc goes away. Then they come back, then they go away. If I look in "My computer" I can see the nook drive flash on and off. On some occasions it stops and that's it. Move it from port to port with same activity. This is usually the events on laptop.

    On tower, it will sometimes recognizes the device is there, but when I click on it, the computer asks me to insert disc into drive F - or wherever it's showing up. Most often, just the card shows up or nothing at all.

    What I have done.

    -Made sure all drivers and updates were installed on laptop- which is really where I hope to use it.
    -Been with the nook expert at BN several times. We connected demo nc to my laptop with no issue multiple times in the store, no problems. She also witnessed the ugly, flash in and out process with the nc I had.
    -Talked to CS at BN. The person I got really had no clue about what I was talking about, had to leave for advice and lookup multiple times. In the end, she told me it was my computer, and to contact the manufacturer.
    -I have also googled this to try and see if there's anything else out there, but have not found anything that could help me.
    -Hoped that the 1.1 upgrade would do it, but it hasn't.

    So, I thought I'd throw it out there to see if you had any ideas. If my computers and my nc will ever love each other, or if it is just a toxic relationship.

    Also of note, I have connected multiple USB devices to both machines including, cameras, wireless mouse, extra drives, android tablet, gps device, etc. No issues with any of these items.

    Anything you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    It looks like you've been pretty thorough in your trouble shooting. The only thing I can come up with off the top of my head is to ask if you are using a USB hub and if it is powered or not (it doesn't seem like you are using a hub). If you are and it is not powered try taking the hub out of the mix and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    That, plus on your desktop try a port that's physically mounted to the motherboard (ie, not a front-mounted USB port). Unfortunately, a lot of laptop USB ports are woefully underpowered.

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    Hey, I am hoping I figured this out. I have an SD card for my NC, and if I remove it, my chance of connection increases tremendously. Although it does still fade in and out at least once. But I can live with that.

    Does anyone else's NC beep during connection/disconnection????? The first two I had didn't do that - even the one with the 1.1 upgrade. It's a little unnerving....

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    I'm running windows 7 and had same issue recently. I check the device manager in control panel and it did indicate the usb had malfunctioned for some reason. I disabled it and re-enabled it and it saw the connected nook. Hope this helps and is as simple for you.

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    Froggydaddy - I checked everything on my laptop - gave it the laptop equivalent of a colonoscopy....

    My discovery on getting it to connect:

    1) Shut down nookcolor. Remove microSDcard.
    2) Shut down all software on laptop
    3) Restart Nookcolor.
    4) After it is up, plug it in.
    5) 100% success ratio with this. A few beeps and flashes, but it eventually settles in.

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    Default Re: Computer won't recognize Nook Color as a Device

    ok i don't have a laptop but i was having the same issue on my desktop. but i was having connection issues from the get go, usually i just had to restart the NC and it would work fine but it just stopped recently. my solution ended up using a usb hub plugged into the back of my tower with its own power supply (eventually the whole front panel decided it was going to crap out so it could be my towers front usb ports). anyway once i plugged it into the hub it popped up INSTANTLY, no fuss or messy starts. hopefully this helps.

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