Hey all! I'm hoping you guys can help me out here...

I bought the Words With Friends app for my Nook Color (v. 1.4.2) a while back and I LOVE IT! I'm totally addicted to it. However, (there's always a 'however') lately I'm having an issue.

It started about 3 days ago. I had gone about 5 days without playing on it and I went to finish a game with someone. I tapped and pulled up the game in question and I swiped my letters in (which was an awesome word, BTW and would have given me like 63 points!!!). I hit 'PLAY' and then 'SUBMIT' and it did the little circling 'I'm thinking' bit and then quickly went back to the players screen where you choose which game you want to do. I click on the person's name again, and my word isn't there!

So, I try again. Same result. I try someone else's name. Same thing. I resign the games, start a new game, get the same thing!!

I call Nook support and they tell me to 'Archive' the app and then reload it.

I do this, while they're on the phone with me. Yeah, doesn't work.

So, they tell me to un-register and re-register the device. I do this and wait forever for everything to download, again.

I pull up the app, click on a name, GET THE SAME RESULT!! It 'submits' and then goes back the games screen, shows the person's name, but no word was saved!!!

I explain it's the same problem going, they claim that there is no way that it can still be doing the same thing. I explain that I'm not an idiot and that I can perform the actions with no problem. I even know how to read and do the steps AT THE SAME TIME!!

WTH is going on here?!! Does anyone have an ideas?!! I don't know what else to do!!!! I need my Words fix!