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  1. Free: Ahe'ey by Jamie Le Fay (Fantasy, Romance & Feminism)
  2. 'Three Medieval Romances' - Free on Nook
  3. 3 FREE historical Nook Books
  4. AWARD Winning YA Genre NOVUS SALE $1.99!!!
  5. 'Three Romances' - Free collection of short historical romances
  6. "A Sher;ock Holmes Trilogy Boxed Set" ow Discounted $6.00./
  7. Ages Past, free e-book through Dec 2015. SF
  8. Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 2: Quest for Revenge
  9. Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 1: The Beginning
  10. Halloween reading free e-book: Perceptional Threshold through 11/14/2015
  11. Casper Parks Nook Books free through 09/07/15
  12. How the World Turns (and Other Stories) FREE from Smashwords
  13. Uncatchable is available for preorder on B&N at $0,99.
  14. The Librarian is free on B&N
  15. Merry Christmas, Mr. Babbers! is free on B&N.
  16. Book One in the Astral Clash Series is now Free!
  17. Free book! YA mystery
  18. Two Free ebooks on Sat. and Sun. March 21 and 22 2015
  19. Could Use a Little Help from my NOOK Community Friends please
  20. Serious Canon C100 AVCHD Ingestion Problems into FCP X
  21. 'High Sea' - Free Romance
  22. $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Four Chances to Win!
  23. Free Christian Thriller - Times of Turmoil (Book 1)
  24. Free Romantic Christmas Short Stories
  25. Free Sweet Romance
  26. Marblestone Mansion Series is coming to an end.
  27. 'Elizabeth Clansham' - Free Off-Beat Romance on Nook
  28. Love Heals all wounds
  29. Grumpy Old Wizards - Free
  30. Free Sci-Fi Techno Thriller: Nano Contestant - Episode 1
  31. Serendipity House on sale
  32. Sherlock Holmes And the Napped Children only 99 cents.
  33. FREE ebook
  34. Rubies and Other Gems .99 promo
  35. [FREE] 14-day trial subscriptions to amazing fiction magazines in every genre on Nook
  36. Free to 16th May: Hackers on Steroids: A Vigilante Journey Through the Internet Abyss
  37. 5 Stars - Building Blocks *FREE*
  38. FREE romantic comedy
  39. Free YA Fantasy Romance with Giveaway Opportunity!!
  40. Brizecombe Hall - Victorian Romance
  41. FREE Chick lit - Emma vs. the Tech Guy - Plus other special offer
  42. FREE YA Fantasy -- Throne of Glass meets Game of Thrones!
  43. Chronicles of a Space Mercenary FREE
  44. ebook Giveaway - Win the entire Rogue Hunter Series! - Ends 3/20
  45. 'Braggot Park' - Free Elizabethan Romance
  46. TAKE ME, I'M YOURS offered for 99 cents
  47. 'Clifton' - Free Novella
  48. $15 Barnes & Noble gift card giveaway drawing taking entries till 12/31
  49. Nike Zoom Rookie LWP - Black - Gold SampleNike Dunk High - Gold Dar
  50. Free YA/Teen Science Fiction Book1 of the Chausiku series
  51. Danburgh Castle - Free Medieval Romance
  52. And finally
  53. Free Book Giveaway for an autographed copy of Dark Energy, an urban fantasy
  54. A Christmas Gift For YOU From Me
  55. Chausiku:The Gathering Storm Book One-Free
  56. Musa Publishing's Cyber Monday
  57. Seer of Mars.....Free on Nook.
  58. FIVE STARS! Building Blocks - A FREE Christian novel
  59. (5 STARS) FREE at Smashwords: Key to the Stars - The Fourth Dimension, Volume I
  60. Holiday Sale - $3 off The Fourth Dimension: The Vezulian Trilogy (3 book bundle)
  61. Book Giveaway for a free copy of an autographed urban fantasy book
  62. free Smashwords coupon for my dystopian thriller
  63. eBook "How to start an HR Consultancy Company?"
  64. Chausiku: The Gathering Storm Book One - Free on B&N
  65. モンクレールからかなりの首筋を備えています設計
  66. Life With A Knight
  67. Crystal Shade. the world's only Auralight Fantasy series
  68. ((STREAMING)) The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 6 S2E6 Free on PUTLOCKER
  69. Best In Selling Fresh Cc Dumps Fullz Bank Logins Shop Admin And Wu Trf
  70. Youth-friendly, popular dystopian FREE - Night of the Purple Moon
  71. Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead -- Free GAMELAND
  72. The Beacon Singer
  73. Free Novella
  74. "Lady in the Room" - FREE until Halloween!
  75. Authors! Advertise with eBooks GROW ON TREES :)
  76. Free copies of Supernatural Action/Horror title "The Purging"
  77. LET IT BE, A Novel Inspired by the Breakup of the BEATLES, on Sale for $0.99
  78. Romantic Suspense Collection - 3 books, .99. Limited time!
  79. 'Kitty' - Austen-esque Regency Romance
  80. Prophecy of the Kings - a fantasy trilogy. Free OMNIBUS edition
  81. The Mumba Petition, read the whole book online for free at
  82. Get "Unremembered", by Backwoods, FREE throughout July
  83. Complete Blood Thirst Series
  84. Remarkable Reads Nook Contest -- Win a new Nook
  85. Try "Unremembered" by Backwoods...FREE!!!
  86. Promote Your Book on New Site w Analytics for FREE
  87. Zombie Bits on sale for 99 cents
  88. Dawn of Spears' Giveaway - [Ends 27 June]
  89. ITHACA - Gods. Men. Space Battleship.
  90. Free ebook on personal finance - Financial Self Defense Program by Steve Kanney, CFA
  91. 'Rhiannon' - Medieval Romance Free on Smashwords
  92. Lonely Moon, epic science fiction adventure, spanning the galaxy, on sale for $.99
  93. 'INSTINCT' - Magical world. A battle of life and death. A choice.
  94. Reclaim My Heart - Cover Reveal - eBook Giveaway!
  95. Keeper of the Wolves- new Fantasy book!
  96. "LOVE AROUND THE WORLD" - Journey. Adventure. Romance
  97. „The Wolf of the Highlands” - Adventure. Time travel. Life lessons. A secret
  98. Silver, Book 1 of the Silver Series, Free
  99. Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections
  100. Free science question.
  101. Dead Highways is FREE!
  102. Coming in May to B&N: The Mumba Petition, Oliver Sands' new legal thriller
  103. "Second Chance" by Thomas Watson
  104. Founders' Effect (War of the Second Iteration, Book Two) by Thomas Watson
  105. The Luck of Han'anga (War if the Second Iteration, Book One) by Thomas Watson
  106. FREE "Long Time Passing" by Thomas Watson
  107. Mr. Olcott's Skies - An Old Book and a Youthful Obsession, by Thomas Watson
  108. 'The Hangar Dance' - Short WWII Romance
  109. Marblestone Mansion Omnibus - 3 books for less than the price of 2
  110. ePublishing Platform
  111. 5 days free: Book on 4Chan, Anonymous, RIP trolling and paedophilia on Facebook
  112. I'm Giving Away 10 copies of historical romance novel SECRETS OF A RUNAWAY BRIDE!
  113. free book publishers | ebook self publishing |self publishing ebooks | download free
  114. Free! Love Dark - Dark Fantasy
  115. Buy one get one free!
  116. Win an advanced copy of Sci Fi novel endorsed by Temple Grandin!
  117. Five-star Political Fiction "The Anvil of the Craftsman" now Free for the Nook!
  118. Free Book Giveaway on Waiting on Sunday To Drown
  119. 3 Free Epic Fantasy Books by Glenn G. Thater
  120. "HORROR" genre Horror, Addiction Free Sat. March 9, one day only.
  121. POWERLESS - superhero thriller FREE on Smashwords this week, 0.99 on Amazon/iTunes!
  122. Free forever! Fantasy/ancient myths novelette
  123. SALE! Park Avenue Series by NYT bestseller BOX SET usually $7.50 NOW ONLY $.99
  124. .99 cent "Reluctant Medium" through 03-09-13
  125. $5 GC Giveaway!
  126. Free ebook thriller available until Feb. 25th!!
  127. Cupids & Crooks - New Release!!!!
  128. The Millennial Sword (urban fantasy, free through 2/18)
  129. "HORROR" genre Horror, Addiction Free Sat. Feb. 16 one day only.
  130. Romantic Comedy GIVEAWAY
  131. Free today only: The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev by Storm Chase
  132. Free TransShifter Paranormal/Fantasy.
  133. Free epic told from many angles - Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe
  134. Entangled Blog Hop LOTS of romance ebook giveaways
  135. Newsletter (& freebie!)
  136. Anyone knows how to do a free promotion for a book on Nook?
  137. Reviews Wanted for Comic Mystery with Female Detective
  138. Valentine's Day Romance Giveaway!
  139. BELLA SUMMER TAKES A CHANCE by Michele Gorman on sale for $3.99
  140. Free short story by best-selling author
  141. Buy One Ebook Get Another FREE!
  142. "Jack the Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes" historically accurate.
  143. A Paranormal Promotion (fantastically, frightfully FREE!)
  144. "Mr. McSnipper and Other Verses" - Silly Verses for Children
  145. Free family-friendly epic fantasy for the nook
  146. In the Spirit of Christmas Facebook "Like" Appreciation Giveaway!
  147. "Reluctant Medium" $.99 through Dec 20th. Coupon # below.
  148. Christmas Free Book Promotions
  149. Chance to win new romance release KISSING KENDALL
  150. Dive in to Hemlock Lake at a special price
  151. Guest Blogging--Chance to Win my New Romance Release!
  152. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE by Phil Duke Ph.D.
  153. Roommates and the Old Dead Seaman
  154. The Parsina Saga--Year-end fantasy holiday special
  155. Sh*t that Pisses Me Off - FREE!
  156. 100 Free Books * All Genres * Enter now to Thurs Dec 13 * Winners drawn Dec 14-16
  157. Buy one ebook get one FREE.
  158. Free time travel novel
  159. Buy one get one free!
  160. The Ball Washer - Category: Adult Humor
  161. Free ebook - Rift of Askrah Book 1: Fracture
  162. FREE copies of Rogue Hunter: Inquest-LIMITED To First Ten Requests.
  163. Beloved: A short zombie horror story
  164. NOOK Color/Tablet Docking Station on Sale
  165. FREE Nov. 24, 25 "Soul Mates Forever" adventure, sex
  166. Free for very limited time: SWORD BEARER, epic fantasy for the whole family
  167. Cliffhanger (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book 1) - Free Until Nov. 28!
  168. Black Friday Special! Sale ends 11/23/12.
  169. Black Friday Ebook Giveaway!
  170. FREE for a limited-time only!-The Tale of Liril
  171. Jack the Rippern and Sherlock Holmes by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  172. The Ball Washer by Lance Manion category: Adult Humor
  173. "FOOD Gardening" by Master Gardener Phillip Duke Ph.D. FREE Nov.17
  174. FOUR Sherlock Holmes books by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  175. Free at Amazon - "The Hidden Truth" by Wade Wilson; one day only
  176. But One Get One FREE November 2012
  177. The Demon Isle Witches, Free Nook, Supernatural Series
  178. Contemporary Fantasy, Fated Saga, Perma Free on Nook
  179. My Viking romance TWIN PASSIONS is *FREE* on Nook!
  180. Crystal Marcos hosts the Kindle Fire Giveaway or $150 Amazon e-Gift Card!
  181. "FOOD Gardening" FREE Nov. 3 and 4, 2012
  182. THE ENERGY SCAVENGERS - FREE Scifi short story
  183. PIG: A Thriller Free until Nov. 5!
  184. Buy one ebook get one FREE.
  185. Free at Crimson & Cream
  186. Obama and the Fourth Reich
  187. If we are to go into that long dark night every soul should know why...find out now!.
  188. FREE OCT 14th - 16th
  189. Massive YA Giveaway!! 17 Books!
  190. FREE HEROIN GOM Reader Oct.- 12,13,14 on
  191. FREE HEROIN GOM Reader Oct.- 12,13,14 on
  192. Win a Nook HD 8G! Home for Halloween giveaway
  193. Argo - a science fiction novelette available for FREE
  194. Of man sun and stars - a collection of five short science fiction stories for FREE
  195. Bobby on a stick - a humorous paranormal fantasy for FREE
  196. Forge of Stones - an epic fantasy/science fiction crossover for FREE
  197. Out of the Blue ~ Win a Copy!
  198. The Luck of Han'anga - Five Signed Copies
  199. Crimson & Cream - 13 Free Copies Left
  200. Free Amish Romance -- Heavenly Blessing
  201. Enter to win a Signed Copy!
  202. A Prayer For The Dying on sale until 10/31/12
  203. Free copies of Sir Tristan’s Estate and Blue Water on Smashwords
  204. Tears for Rahul Dutta
  205. Free MTS to Avid- Import Panasonic LX7 MTS to Avid Media Composer 5.5/6
  206. Free MTS to Avid- Import Panasonic LX7 MTS to Avid Media Composer 5.5/6
  207. BIRTHDAY BASH Free eBook Days! 9/17 and 9/18
  208. FREE Review Copies of a Middle-Grade Fantasy Novel
  209. Back to Books Giveaway Hop!
  210. Floodwater Zombies now on Nook!
  211. THE SAVANNAH PROJECT—An Amazon Kindle Store Bestseller—NOW AVAILABLE ON NOOK!
  212. THE TOYMAKER—Amazon Kindle Store Bestseller—NOW AVAILABLE ON NOOK!
  213. Buy one ebook get one FREE.
  214. New on Nook Book: THE TOYMAKER by Chuck Barrett
  215. New on NOOK Book: THE SAVANNAH PROJECT by Chuck Barrett
  216. Cougar Loves Doctor -- Free (Erotica Quickie)
  217. Giveway
  218. The States - An Interesting and Satirical Guide to the United States of America
  219. Trindiebooks Giveaway
  220. 'The Ramblers' - free short story
  221. Free Epic Fantasy: Sword Bearer
  222. Must read for Managers
  223. 2nd Annual Summer Giveaway Hop!
  224. Grab a mystery for $.99 through 8/3/12
  225. Enter the Summer Speculative E-Book Giveaway Contest!
  226. Free Book: The Eve Tree: A Novel
  227. Free/Looking for Feedback
  228. The Space Diaries (Adult Humor/ Sci-fi) Free Ebook
  229. Free -- Hey Sparkling Vampire, Let's Get It On
  230. Free -- Nova Roma (sci fi)
  231. Free -- Dangerous Medicine: The Cancer Cure
  232. Free Urban Fantasy / Horror for the Nook: Wicked Hungry
  233. FREE spooky LGBT YA short story
  234. 3 free copies of my new personal memoir, An Ugly Secret
  235. Animal Zoo Club for Nook is Free
  236. 3 FREE copies of Devil's Do-Gooders
  237. All Of My Mysteries 50% Off at Smashwords!
  238. NINE INCH BRIDE - Reviewers Sought for Cross-Genre Novel
  239. Free Book! Limited time!
  240. Coupon Code for $2.00 Award Winning Children's Ebook
  241. Book Box (Hollow Book) Giveaway! 30+ designs!
  242. FREE (Smashwords - Nook Epub) - The Life... The Legend... Of An Englishman...
  243. Two more chances to win!
  244. Book giveaway and three $100 certificates for barnes and noble or amazon at
  245. Win three $100 certificates for reviewing books
  246. Free Sci-Fi Saga for Downloading
  247. FREE -- Medium Rare (My Life As A Culinary Underdog) -- FREE
  248. Young Adult book giveaway~choice of two
  249. FREE -- The One That Got Away (A Quirky Florida Romance) -- FREE
  250. FREE -- Black Sheep Brother -- FREE