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  11. Midnight's Angels - Raine's Landing fantasy thriller #3 - SALE
  12. You want funny? I give you Learn Me Good!
  13. Under the Ice: The Monkey's Paw revisited
  14. 1066 What Fates Impose
  15. How To Improve Your Writing: The Art of Creating Professional Fiction
  16. The Electric Shaman - near-future sf
  17. Rayven Black in the City of Night - superhero fiction
  18. HIDDEN - paranormal novel, adults only
  19. The Immortal Sherlock Holmes: Volume II
  20. The Immortal Sherlock Holmes: Volume III
  21. In the midst of life we are in death
  22. 'Three Medieval Romances'
  23. Show Me, Sir - An erotic romance by Sonni de Soto
  24. Part 3 Residential Guardians Service
  25. Part 2 Residential Guardians Service for The Disabled
  26. The Jack O'Lantern Men - a horror chiller by Lee Allen
  27. Alone - a supernatural mystery by Lee Allen
  28. Preview of a new book in the making about a Residential Guardians Service Part 1
  29. Falling Dusk
  30. Slow down Now or face the consequences later part 2
  31. Godblade: The Truefire Trilogy, epic fantasy $0.99 | Prequel to Bestselling Series
  32. Slow down NOW or face the consequences later
  33. Meet The Torturer
  34. 'Three Romances' - short historical romances
  35. "Folly Of The Hydrogen Bomb" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  36. Classic Pan and Fontana Horror
  37. "HEROIN God's Own Medicine" the ultimate horror experience not for the squeamish.
  38. Diabetic Nightmare
  39. Interstellar Space Flight is Not So Difficult: Expanded New Edition.
  40. A Sherlock Holmes Trilogy With Big Discount
  41. Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 2: Quest for Revenge
  42. At the going down of the sun and at the dawning of a new day, we will remember them
  43. New Nook Kids Book Just Now Available
  44. Entertaining stories for only 99 cents
  45. 'The Hangar Dance' - Short WWII Romance
  46. The Night Has Teeth - A Short Horror Story
  47. I live round the corner and up a gum tree
  48. Barking Mad Job Interview
  49. The Complee Parsina Saga--an epic fantasy boxed set
  50. Debut Young Adult Novel, Novus (The Cresecren Chronicles, Book 1)
  51. Toxic Doctor
  52. 70% of Nothing: The Reality of Indie Publishing
  53. A Sherlock Holmes Trilogy Boxed Set
  54. Bristol: Free e-book through US Labor Day, 2015.
  55. New Epic Fantasy novel from Jordan Baker, author of the 'Book of One' series!
  56. "Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery" scifi comedy - pre-order for August 7th!
  57. The Heir Reluctant - Mythical Fantasy/Contemporary Urban
  58. Though Darkness Comes: Book 3 of the Remus Rothwyn Chronicles
  59. Cover reveal: HUNTED! Plus, beta-readers wanted.
  60. Meko's Woman, Episode 1 FREE! (Romance/Paranormal)
  61. Summer Lovin' Anthology - 14 Romance Stories .99!
  62. The City a two headed Hydra full of contradictions, its future is in our hands
  63. Interstellar Space Flight is Not So Difficult: Expanded New Edition
  64. Jack The Ripper vs. Sherlock Holmes with autopsy photos and reports. By Phillip Duke
  65. TEN BRIDES FOR TEN HOT GUYS ~ 10 Nook Books for $0.99
  66. "Liquid", Book 2 of the Wyvern Trilogy, John H. Carroll
  67. Further reflections on the toxic nature of city life
  68. SEASON, UNFORGETTABLE: New Contemporary Romance/Suspense
  69. COMPULSIVE: New Dark Romance
  70. Intriguing murder mysteries for under a dollar
  71. Cities in their current form are a cause of severe mental illness
  72. A fun cozy mystery
  73. The Heir Reluctant - Fantasy
  74. Money makes the world go round and round and round and so does love
  75. Jack The Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes by Phil Duke Ph.D.
  76. Rory's Love- 5 Star Paranormal Romance $2.99
  77. Coming from Darkness - Near future science fiction
  78. Interstellar Space Flight: New Expanded Division, about The Pares Space Warp Drive
  79. "The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories" - short story collection, out today!
  80. The Long Journey - Christian Historical Fiction
  81. "Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult" info re The Pares Space Warp Drive
  82. Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes by Phil Duke Ph.D.
  83. Some of our latest covers
  84. Am I my brother's Keeper?
  85. New Contemporary Romance
  86. *FREE* Sample Chapter Book - ROMANCE - Keta Diablo
  87. Gay Fiction SAMPLER Book *FREE*
  88. High Sea - short Victorian romance
  89. New release
  90. Three Sherlock Holmes ebooks reduced in price to 99 cents each.
  91. The Dead War Zombie books are now available for Nook
  92. DREAMS Anthology (Erotic Romance | Time Travel)
  93. Scoundrel of Dreams, Book 3 (Dream Series)
  94. Catskill Mountains Mysteries, Book 3, The Devil's Tombstone
  95. 'A Shadow Flame' the seventh novel in the 'Book of One' Epic Fantasy series is up!
  96. "Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult" By Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  97. Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  98. Pleasure House Stories By Phyllis
  99. Little Wolf Contemporary Erotic Romance
  100. The Desert Keeps Its Dead - new crime thriller
  101. Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse III
  102. A Wrinkle in Crime; 10 Stories of Foul Play, Murder & Revenge
  103. The Silent Years: Mother
  104. Meet Cool Dude the Wall, 7' 8" in height now making his debut in my new series
  105. "Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult"
  106. "HEROIN God's Only Mreicine" now only 99 cents.
  107. "Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes" New enlsrged version.
  108. "Sherlock Hol,es And the Child In Concrete" By Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  109. Shadow of the Demon - Book 3 of the Prophecy of the Kings
  110. Dragon Rider - Book 2 of the Prophecy of the Kings
  111. Self-Pub Author and Former Marketing Employee At Publishing House Hosting Reddit AMA
  112. *** A Taste for Werewolf Blood ***
  113. *** Werewolf Treachery ***
  114. *** Vampire Princesses and Princes ***
  115. *** Chernobyl's Vampires and Werewolves ***
  116. *** Magic and Love ***
  117. *** Witchy Vampires ***
  118. *** My Ghostly Twin ***
  119. *** Color Me Red *** Vampires - Witches
  120. *** The End of my Humanity ***
  121. *** Surviving Evil *** Historical Fiction
  122. *** Werewolf Royalty ***
  123. *** Viking Vampires Voyage ***
  124. *** Werewolf Island: Running with the Pack ***
  125. *** A Medieval Fantasy Adventure ***
  126. *** Khanara's Werewolves Clan ***
  127. *** The Last Werewolf Pack ***
  128. *** Lupus Patronus: Werewolves and Vampires Prophecy ***
  129. *** Books 1,2,3 and 4: Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night" Series
  130. *** A Vampire Werewolf Clan***
  131. Interested in a reading adventure ?
  132. Chasing the Dead (New) Western Romance (Ghost)
  133. Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete byPhillip Duke PhD
  134. Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete byPhillip Duke PhD
  135. From B&N "Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete."
  136. Calling All Chess Players! "Chess Theory" only 99 crnts. By Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  137. Times of Tribulation - Book 7 of 7 in The End Times Saga (Christian Fiction)
  138. Two Sherlock Holmes ebooks only 99 cents.
  139. "Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete" by Phillip Duke Ph.D. only 99 cents.
  140. Need a Professional Cover Design?
  141. Dark Rain -- the original Raine's Landing adventure
  142. How To Get A Woman by Phillip Duke PhD. Getting a woman is like fishing- you need the
  143. The Fates of Worlds-action sf boxed set
  144. All Chess players- "Chess Theory" by Phillip Dukwe Ph.D.
  145. "Pleasurehouse Stories by Phyllis" Phyllis tells her personal experiences in Madame
  146. Hot Blood - an epic battle between immortals, from Samhain Publishing
  147. The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook
  148. Moonlight Series - 2 Boxed Set Western Romance
  149. Hello
  150. Trailers for my two international suspense novels
  151. QUIET POST: Funny & surrreal
  152. KILLING GODS - superhero sequel to POWERLESS, out now!
  153. White Crosses - a short mystery
  154. Sherlock Holmes And the Napped Children price reduced to only 99 cents.
  155. Romance super bundle ii : Second chances 99 cents!!!
  156. Whisper of Dreams BDSM Erotic Time Travel
  157. BANNED By Amazon! "Whorehouse Stories By Phyllis"
  158. 'Rhiannon' - Short Medieval Romance
  159. Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete by Phillip Dile Ph.D.
  160. Crossroads ANTHOLOGY (4 Contemporary Gay Books)
  161. Fantasy Erotica Series
  162. 'A DARK TIDE' - the sixth novel in the 'Book of One' Epic Fantasy Series is up!
  163. Sizzle and Bang - New Anthology (4 Stories Gay Contemporary)
  164. You are divine beauty
  165. "Chess Theory" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  166. The King's Ward - Urban Fantasy
  167. "My personal Experiences In A House Of Pleasure" by Phyllis
  168. Sherlock Holmes And he Man In Concrete
  169. The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook
  170. Crossroads Shadowland, Book 4, Gay Fiction Suspense
  171. Crossroads Showdown, Book 3 (Gay Fiction Suspense)
  172. Crossroads Revisited, Book 2, Gay Fiction Suspense
  173. The Baer Boys
  174. Times of Judgment, Book 6 of The End Times Saga
  175. "Whorehouse Stories By Phyllis" Edited By Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  176. GOLDEN SHOWERS Stories by Phyllis Edited by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  177. So desperately unhappy so lost
  178. 50% off advertising in genre-specific fiction magazines! More info inside...
  179. Speak of the Devil -- the 5th Raine's Landing adventure novel.
  180. LICENSE TO DO THAT by Jass Richards
  181. DOGS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN by Jass Richards
  182. The Blasphemy Tour by Jass Richards
  183. FOLLY of the Hydrogen Bomb by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  184. What To Read After FSOG - The Gemstone Collection Box Set
  185. Sherlock Holmes and The Man In Concrete by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  186. The Curse of the Landgrabbers
  187. Sexist **** that Pisses Me Off
  188. Home Repossessions/Foreclosures And suicide a link to toxic Capitalism see my Book
  189. Jack the Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes AND Heroin HORROR 1 & 2 READER only 99 cents.
  190. Six Sherlock Holmes murder mysteries are available.
  191. Wizards, Dark Elves, Friars and Demons Inside
  192. International suspense thriller on sale for a short time
  193. New Romance on sale for 99 cents!
  194. Greenville - Donna Harp Volume 1
  195. 'Brizecombe Hall' - Victorian Romance
  196. Review my FREE book and be entered to win $100 gift card!
  197. Mountain Man--apocalyptic zombie epic (horror action)
  198. The Utter Madness of Free Market Capitalism
  199. Tea at the Cemetery
  200. A Broken Throne - the Fifth Book in the 'Book of One' Epic Fantasy Series is up!
  201. New Gay Romance-Love's Ashes by Avis Black
  202. Rys Rising: Book I got another 5 star review today
  203. Children of the Mechanism - Science Fiction / Dystopia
  204. A Feather To Fly With - just released, new traditional Regency romance
  205. The Bayou Classic
  206. The Trixie Pristine Boxed Set - cozy mystery with FUN characters
  207. "FOLLY of the Hydrogen Bomb" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  208. 'Braggot Park' - Elizabethan Romance
  209. TAKE ME I'M YOURS by USA Today Bestselling Author
  210. Times of Destruction: Christian End Times Thriller
  211. The Hard Karma Shuffle
  212. Lessons (In Love, Lust and Life) **New Release**
  213. Mary of Starlight - YA urban fantasy
  214. Broken American Lawyer in mind and body in melt down 2035 AD
  215. 'Clifton' - a Novella
  216. Rogue Hunter: Life Force - Book 3 of the Rogue Hunter Series
  217. Punishment and Redemption
  218. Speak of the Devil - 5th novel in the Raine's Landing supernatural series
  219. "Sherlock Holmes and the Alien Abduction" by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  220. Silence is Golden
  221. Drinking in Lightbearer's unique philosophy on Life the Universe in 2035 AD
  222. No Substitute for Maturity
  223. The Dead War Series Books, 1, 2, & 3 now available for Nook!
  224. Introducing Lightbearer Seer and Visionary - The moment of Truth Part Two
  225. Introducing Lightbearer Seer and Visionary - The moment of Truth Part One
  226. The Book of One -- Epic Fantasy Series -- Books #4 and #5
  227. "HEROIN God's Own Medicine" One and Two, by Phil Duke Ph.D..
  228. Will people still read?
  229. Answer a science problem, and win a free ebook.
  230. "GOLDEN SHOWERS Stories by Phyllis" edited by Phil Duke Ph.D.
  231. Jack the Ripper vs. Sherlock Holmes by Phillip Duke Ph.D.
  232. Enslaved in the past with Vesuvius ready to blow…
  233. Wow! What a great review.
  234. More beautiful pearls of wisdom from beloved Lavender plus a wonderful business idea
  235. New Release: Timothy Phillips - Christian Fiction
  236. Dirty Dozen - 12 Erotic Stories
  237. The new informed writer
  238. Video Trailers
  239. Further Wonderful Etiquette Tips from Gracious Lavender the Diva of the 2030's AD
  240. How To Choose A Sweetheart
  241. *** Dux Ducis Vampires and Werewolf Royalty ***
  242. *** Werewolf Treachery and Chernobyl's Vampires and Werewolves ***
  243. *** Werewolf Treachery and Werewolf Royalty ***
  244. *** Dux Ducis Vampires and Chernobyl's Vampires and Werewolves ***
  245. *** Dux Ducis Vampires and Werewolf Treachery ***
  246. *** Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Series Books 1 to 4 ***
  247. *** Werewolf Treachery ***
  248. *** A Taste for Werewolf Blood ***
  249. Social Etiquette Lessons from Lady Lavender for Street Savy Humans of the 2030's AD
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