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  6. can I side load epub files on Win10 Nook App?
  7. Free Nook App - Oceanic Prog (Progressive Rock Music Album) for Nook Tablet/HD/HD+
  8. i dont like these
  9. BBQ DiceKit - a high quality 3D dice rolling utility available for nook.
  10. Tiamat X - classic side-scrolling arcade action for Nook!
  11. New HD -- need advice -- I like to draw
  12. Nook version
  13. HD+ Forbidden Apps
  14. Dedicated for Mothers - "WORD PUZZLE for the MOTHER'S SOUL"
  15. Introducing "Frame Games - Rebus word shuffle puzzle"
  16. Getting a magazine app uploaded to the Nook newsstand
  17. Introducing "FOUR WORD ASSOCIATION" - Hidden word puzzle game
  18. awesome 3D racing game "Death Track"
  19. Nook AudioBook Apps- The Prince, Heart of Darkness, Dorian Gray
  20. AudioBook App - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  21. Nook Hidden Object Game - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures
  22. Vampire Music (Post-apocalyptic Nook Book App that plays a music soundtrack)
  23. Dropbox on HD+
  24. zVoice Plus
  25. Halloween Live Wallpaper
  26. Kids Apps - Learn to Read and Kids Pattern Recognition
  27. Introducing Geography Champion for Nook
  28. Introducing Geography Champion for Nook
  29. Email app
  30. Einklib library application for nook simple touch
  31. Las Vegas Tripadvisor
  32. New Game -- Aces Gin Rummy
  33. Nook Color Screen Orientation
  34. New Word Game for NOOK : WORD PUSH
  35. Nook Color Screen Recalibrate App
  36. Discover Yourself Personality Tests for Nook $1
  37. Word Search, Hangman - Word Games Pack ($1 Launch Sale)
  38. Bookworm Game App
  39. Solitaire, Mahjong Solitaire, Spider Solitaire App - $1 Launch Sale
  40. New Animal Zoo Club Game Update is Free
  41. Words With Friends App (Won't Work Suddenly)
  42. Free NOOK app (Choose Your Own Adventure on steroids)
  43. What Starmap apps are able to be downloaded onto my Tablet?
  44. Slate Words - newest game from TS Games - Available on your nooK!
  45. Puzzingo - The best Educational Puzzle game for Toddlers!
  46. Self Introduction - maker of PUZZINGO, toddler's educational puzzle on the NOOK
  47. Gravity Words - Cross platform multiplayer word mayhem!
  48. Anyone using the tivo app for the kindle on their nook
  49. With the Nook Color....
  50. No YouTube app? Seriously?
  51. IP Camera on nook tablet
  52. is it true?
  53. Nook Tablet
  54. Reviewing Nook Apps
  55. Sharing apps across two devices and iTunes?
  56. PDF reader with Zoom ,Go to and bookmark feature
  57. Writing Apps
  58. Tablet vs. Color: Are there more Apps
  59. Free Animal game for your Nook Color
  60. Zoo Club game now available for Nook Color...
  61. Nook for Mac
  62. I need to COMPLETELY remove an app from ny color nook
  63. [GameAmour] Reversi Deluxe - a twist on classic Reversi game
  64. wont let me download books or install apps
  65. All -n- One Calculator and Emergency Assistant for Nook Color
  66. Recommendations for Dictionary App needed!
  67. '180 Ultra' action-puzzler, fresh for download on Nook Color!
  68. Ipod touch
  69. [GameAmour] Vampires Vs Werewolves - a turn-based board strategy game
  70. Question about Weather App
  71. Toy Studio Apps - Check Regularly for New App Announcements!
  72. [GameAmour] Add-O-Matic - action puzzle game for your NookColor
  73. Checkers
  74. Types of Nook Game Apps?
  75. Using NC apps--how to start?
  76. App List?
  77. Poker App for Nook?
  78. Windows 7 Phone
  79. No Google Sync?
  80. How to uninstall apps?
  81. What apps are you really enjoying/using?
  82. nook friends app trouble
  83. MORE APPS!!!
  84. Problem trying to "re-download" an app on NC
  85. What android/nook app are you most looking forward to having on your NC?
  86. Apps that work