Thought I'd share these little comics I made way back when. A little explanation: I did these back before 1.3 came out, back when, to me and most of the people I knew, the nook kinda totally sucked. We only had the one demo device at customer service, and the thing was always glitchy and non-responsive. The first cartoon came from the note we got from the home office that stated, specifically, that it was not "THE Nook", but just "nook" (well...they actually said that it was NOOK, rather than nook...but they were the ones who used lowercase nuts to them! ). When talking to customers we were told to never ever say "the nook"...and this comic came out of me and my coworkers joking about it.

This group follows right after that one...and is mostly me joking about how the device has a mind of it's own and doesn't work for crap. And, to a lesser degree, we were being totally INUNDATED by this thing at work. Everything was about the nook...and at this point none of us really saw why since the device just didn't work very well.
The deal with "Steve", and why I didn't make any more of these, is that I had this whole planned out thing where a rooted and totally BA custom nook was going to get together with a bunch of other e-readers (Kindle, Sony, etc) to upload a virus or something (hadn't worked that part out yet) to stop the crazy nooks. ....but then 1.3 came out and kinda shot that whole story in the foot (though I could have done something about Steve spreading 1.3 around..but I lost momentum because all of a sudden the nook was looking mighty fine!)

So...that's it for that story...I also did this little one the day we saw the nook ad campaign stuff: