Kindle at Staples on 10/10

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    Default Kindle at Staples on 10/10

    I just saw an advertisement saying the Kindle was going to be at Staples on 10/10 of this year..This is really bummong me out..I wish BN would step up their advertising and promotions to get their product out into the mainstream better..I would never trade in my Nook for a Kindle , but I do not want the Nook to become buried during the upcoming Holiday Season

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    Default Re: Kindle at Staples on 10/10

    As long as B&N supports the Nook and you are happy with it why do you care if the Kindle is advertised more or is more popular?

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    Default Re: Kindle at Staples on 10/10

    I, too, hope Nook makes it in the holiday season. If Nook stops making B&N money, it might not be supported as much as it could/should be, and less content might be available. Having a product succeed will hopefully make B&N support the Nook more, continue software updates, add more digital e-book content, etc. If nobody bought the Nook, why would B&N support a financial loss? (The Nook is seemingly doing well, fyi.)

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