Problem seeing nook book images on Mac

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    Default Problem seeing nook book images on Mac

    I just purchased 4 Hour Body from and downloaded it. I opened it with the Barnes & Noble ereader and while the text is there, the book (which I know for certain is full of images) does not show any of the images. Instead of images I just see an empty square where the image should be. I called BN directly and was on hold for a long time. The person confirmed that images should be showing up, and put me on hold to speak to his supervisor. Unfortunately, instead of putting me on hold he hung up on me. ARgh!! I also used their email form, still waiting for an answer.

    Anyone dealt with this before and found a solution? I'm so frustrated! I wonder if its specific to this book, maybe a content error? I have other ebooks with images showing up fine..

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    Default Re: Problem seeing nook book images on Mac

    It could be a content error. Or it could be that the Mac version of Nook Reader (or whatever it is called) can't display the images. If you load the eBook onto your Nook can you see the images? If not, I would hazard a guess that they aren't there.

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