Just sold my nook (well my husband did...)

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    Default Just sold my nook (well my husband did...)

    My husband was sweet and bought me an iPad for my birthday. Since he reads on his all the time, he told me that if I decided to sell my nook, just to put the money in the bank toward the iPad. That was fine with me, IF I decided to sell it. The next day he tells me he had sold my nook for me! I'll love reading on the iPad, it's the new one and it is much lighter, but I am also VERY attached to my nook. He was so proud of himself for A-getting the iPad for me, since he is the one who usually gets the newest Apple products, and B-knowing someone that wanted my nook, that I'm really not giving him too hard of a time.
    Here is my question. I've unregistered my nook. I plan to leave my side-loaded books on it. Right now the Barnes and Noble books are on there, but I know the new owner won't be able to access them. When she registers it, will they just disappear? Will the books in the "My Documents" folder stay there?
    I have already decided that if I really can't live without the nook (reading outside on the iPad this summer concerns me...) I will try to find a used wi-fi only somewhere for a great price. That shouldn't be too hard to do.
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    Default Re: Just sold my nook (well my husband did...)

    I suggest you do a factory restore on the Nook before giving it to the person who purchased it. This will take care of all those questions you have.

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