Is "The Daily" available on Nook Color?

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    Default Is "The Daily" available on Nook Color?

    I had a regular nook (actually 2) they both had an issue with the screen getting a big blank square in a corner that slowly spread to the entire screen. When I had to return the second one for the same issue, I asked if I could upgrade to a color and pay the difference. They allowed it, so now I have a Nook Color. I'm having trouble figuring out where my books are and how to not have some books cluttering up my shelf, but I'll get there. The one thing I can't find anywhere, anyhow is "The Daily", I always checked it on Fridays for the free download of the week and about half the time the book was interesting enough to get. Is this gone from the Nook, now?


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    Default Re: Is "The Daily" available on Nook Color?

    The daily isn't available on the NC but under 'shop' there is a way to see offers. I don't have my NC handy (but my nook is sitting right here! ) but as I recall it is near the top. You can also check the nook facebook wall to see the free friday selection.

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    Default Re: Is "The Daily" available on Nook Color?

    Hi Annette and welcome to NOOKBOARDS.


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