Nook color does not appear on computer

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    Default Nook color does not appear on computer

    Have been trying to download new update. When I connect my NC to the computer, it does not appear in the drive list. Any ideas out there?

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    Default Re: Nook color does not appear on computer

    Is it rooted?

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    Default Re: Nook color does not appear on computer

    Could it be due to the server issues B&N is having today? There are some posts over on mobileread.

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    Tiny Tim
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    Default Re: Nook color does not appear on computer

    I hadn't connected my nook color to my PC for about two months--I had enough reading material sideloaded or directly downloaded from bn over wifi. I tried connecting on Monday to manually install the update. I got error messages that the device i was trying to connect was malfunctioning--or I got no message but no recognition of the drive with repeated rebooting of pc and nook, enabling/unenabling the device, scanning for driver updates. I did recall that when I did get it to connect months ago, it didn't always connect without my having to plug and unplug it a couple of times.
    I researched the issue on the web and kept reading about faulty micro usb cords being the culprit. I took my unit to the bn store where i bought it 5 mos. ago. Using my cord customer service couldn't get their PC to connect and they got the alert that the device was malfunctioning. Using their own cord it connected instantly with no problem at all (and it automatically installed the update.) I was told the cord must be bad (even though it charges the battery just fine--there is a difference between the charging capability and data transfer capability of the cord.) They couldn't give me one free at the store but advised me to call tech support and they would send me out a free one. I called and after explaining the problem to the "screener" and then again to the tech, I was told I should have a replacement cord in 3 to 4 days. Hope that one is reliable.
    As a side note, I mostly keep my NC plugged in 24/7 since I use it in the house almost exclusively to read or surf the web while in bed before I sleep or in the middle of the night when I can't sleep--it is so nifty to not have to turn a light on to bother hubby. The tech said that keeping it connected to the electric outlet won't hurt the nook color at all--it can't overcharge and that shouldn't hurt the cord either.
    I suggest you look into the cord situation. You could bring your NC to the store like I did or try another micro usb data transfer cord if you have one laying around (I didn't). The cord doesn't have to be nook OEM to be used for connecting to a PC according to all the sites I visited researching this issue.
    Good luck!

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