my nook lost its mind

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    Default my nook lost its mind

    Literally, it forgot who it was On Thursday I was reading and had wifi on and I had a call that one of my kids was sick. I threw my
    nook in the car and off I went (forgetting to turn off wifi or anything). On Friday I used my NC. Today I was at BN and pulled out my nook to
    check on something and when I tapped it, up popped 'register your nook now'. It had unregistered itself! So, I went through registering
    and resetting all my preferences. Then it decided it needed to update itself to 1.5. The only thing that confuses me in all of this is why it forgot what page I was on. I was reading a book and didn't even put the nook to sleep before driving off. Somehow in the process of losing touch with reality
    my nook forgot how to save the current page to my library. At least I wasn't in the middle of reading several books at once. That would have been annoying.

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    Default Re: my nook lost its mind

    My wifes NC also "lost its mind." She re-registered, but a few days later it died completely. I took it back to the local B&N store and explained the issue. They said, "no problem" and handed me a brand new, still in the sealed package, NC. Took it home, registered it and everything is good again. Incidentally, my NC, bought at the same time as hers has never had a problem.

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    Since that day I have used, charged, turned wifi on/off, etc and have had absolutely no problems. I assume it was either stuck in a weird state because of being left in wifi and then driven around (poor thing, searching and searching and sometimes finding and then losing a signal ).
    Obviously, if it happens again I will pursue it more, but in the meantime it seems ok.

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