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    Tiny Tim
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    Default Issue with Simple Touch

    I got my new Simple Touch on Sunday and I REALLY love everything about it. It is my new reader for summertime/outside as I still love my NC for inside reading. Although the light weight and small size of the Simple Touch is very, very nice! I didn't think the slight weight difference between the two would matter much, but it really does when you're holding it for a while.

    I have experienced a minor problem to report though. Monday evening the touch screen stopped responding completely. I ran my finger along the edge of the screen (thinking it would clean the sensors). It started working for a few minutes and then stopped completely. I held in the power button to reboot it, but when the prompt came up to confirm reboot, I obviously couldn't select it. So I continued to hold the power button until it "shut off" (the screen had ghosting on it that didn't disappear until I turned it back on).

    After rebooting that one time it has been fine since. I don't know if this is a known issue that is "normally" resolved with a reboot or if I potentially have a defective model. If it continues happening I'll contact B&N. Has anyone heard of this problem?

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    Mr. Darcy
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    Default Re: Issue with Simple Touch

    I have had the same issue so I think it is a software issue...

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    Default Re: Issue with Simple Touch

    I've had the ghosting issue, which seems to only happen when I'm showing it to people for the first time. But I've never had an experience with the touch screen losing responsiveness. I did however have a moment yesterday where the touch screen seemed to need calibration, but a reboot took care of it. I'm sure this is all stuff that will be addressed with the first software update.

    I love my Nook Simple Touch too.

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