Problems with Simple Touch 1.1.0

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    Default Problems with Simple Touch 1.1.0

    Who out there is having problems with v1.1.0 on your Simple Touch? I wish Barnes & Noble had left things alone. With v1.1.0, my reader now has an obvious and very distracting "ghost," when I'm changing pages. It's especially irritating when the previous page has a picture. Also, all my fonts are now in bold face, which makes me feel as if the text is shouting at me. I've contacted Barnes & Noble, but I don't feel confident about any action being taken.

    Maybe if there are others of you out there with the same problems, we can get together to form a unified front when talking to Barnes & Noble.


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    I haven't had any issues with the latest update.

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    I haven't had that particular issue, but I have had it where I put it to sleep and when I come back to read; it will have jumped back 1-4 pages.

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