I am trying to do some research ahead of buying a new ebook reader. I broke my previous 2yr old Kindle Keyboard, and looking at newer models now, there are touch based units. I am based in the UK, so I cannot get the Kindle Paperwhite. Nook's are launching here in the next couple of weeks (mid Oct 2012) and includes the GlowLight model too.

Read reviews and comparison articles. Most indicate the Nook is better hardware, the software overall is marginally better, and as I cant get the Paperwhite that the GlowLight is the best I can get in that regard.

However, it seems that the Nook looks very dated and simplistic at loading and transferring content... Most of my content is my own ePub files. I use it for work, so load technical documents from our company's library which we can get in ePub's. There are also PDF's and some others too, but not overly fussed in that regard.
I used Calibre alot to transform these to .mobi's and email them to my Kindle. Simple method and no messing about with cables. There are other ways to get the content on there, basically using the email address.

From the looks of it, the Nook needs to "sideload" the content by plugging it in to the computer (I have Mac) and then using Adobe Digitals Editions, a terrible piece of software! Or atleast it requires an initial setup of ADE with the device, presumably to configure the DRM and private keys.

Can someone confirm if this is actually required? And alternative ways to manage the device without ADE and preferably all from WiFi based means? Does it have, or likely in future to have, email address capability?

This is likely a deal breaker for me, and likely to send me back towards Amazon and their evil empire. Not overly fussed in all honesty, but the Nook looks like a better designed device is all... And it has the GlowLight for the UK...

Many thanks, and apologies for length of 1st post!