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    Default flipStagram - View instagram photos with your Nook!

    Hi Instagram Fans!

    There is a new Instagram browser available for the Nook! Its called flipStagram!

    flipStagram is designed to provide you with the best possible Instagram browsing experience on the Nook family of devices!

    With flipStagram you can:

    - View the "most popular" list of photos on Instagram.
    - Search for specific tags or Instagram users.
    - Start a slideshow to flip automatically through your actual Instagram photo set.
    - See all available image attributes like the creation time, the filters used, the tags etc.
    - See all the comments on Instagram regarding an image.
    - See the image in fullscreen mode.
    - Use the zoom functionality to see all the details you want.
    - Start new tag searches instantly by clicking an image tag.
    - See the pictures geolocation (if available) in a map view.
    - Customize the grid view appropriate to your needs.
    - See the history of you last tag searches on Instagram.
    - Search Instagram photos around your actual location.
    - See you own Instagram feed.
    - See all the pictures you have liked.
    - Add comments to pictures.
    - Add likes to pictures.
    - Follow other Instagram users.
    - See all the details of an Instagram user profile.

    Have fun!

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