Last weekend I bought a new Nook Simple Touch and its screen doesn't seem to completely clear between subsequent screens, at least it takes a long'ish time.

For instance, when I unlock it, I can see some ghosting from the screen saver and the NOOK (from the "drag to unlock your NOOK" message) lingering/showing through on the home screen (like you would have "burn in" on the old-style computer monitors). Also, when I push the Nook button and the menu appears at the bottom of the screen, I can see the outline of the shop button between the two book covers displayed when I'm back at the home screen.

I double-pressed the Nook key to refresh the screen, but that's not really fixing this.

I already exchanged it once at Target, but this one isn't any better.

I currently have another Nook at home (one borrowed from the Oak Park, IL, public library) and it doesn't exhibit any of these problems. The screen seems totally opaque, ie it completely overlays what was there before. I want a Nook like this because using this one convinced me to buy one in the first place - is there something I can do?

The problem is that I can't really examine a Nook at the store, I have to exchange it, bring it home, charge it and only then I know if it's any good. I am not sure how often I want, nor how often Target will let me exchange them. So far I've only done it once.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would driving up to a B&N get me any more help? (I'd be willing to make the drive if it did). I really love the simple design of this eReader, and *knowing* the screen could be better, I really want the same quality screen as the one I have borrowed form the library.

Thanks, I'm hoping someone can help.