Is this how your nook features are working?

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    Default Is this how your nook features are working?

    I've noticed some odd behaviors from my nook but with no point of comparison I'm not sure if the oddities are by design or if my nook is having "issues". Here are some of the observations that I'm wondering if they are universal or just me.

    THE DAILY ~ my Grin & Tonic and Daybook articles do not update automatically each day. I actually have to go to My Library > Check For New Content to force the items to refresh. Is this normal?

    THE DAILY ~ The welcome article from Dave Barry seems to be a permanent fixture. It has been present (as has the Getting To Know Your Nook article) since I unboxed my nook. Also, whenever I power down and back up it refreshes the date associated to this article. Is this normal? Should it eventually go away? Can I delete it somehow?

    SAMPLES ~ I downloaded a sample of a book. I decided I didn't want to buy it but the Sample remained in my library. For 3+ weeks. Finally I accessed my library via the B&N website and manually deleted it...that finally removed it from my nook. How long are Samples supposed to last? Should I be able to delete them from my nook or do I HAVE to do that from the website? Is this normal?

    MORE IN STORE ~ I posted about this elsewhere but the Special Offers at the bottom of the SHOP screen haven't changed since Christmas. I still get offered the latest Holiday Buzz items, Sookie Stackhouse, Malcolm Gladwell, Thrillers and one this the same for everyone? Has anyone else's offers been refreshed?

    I'm trying to get a bit of a baseline to determine what features are functioning as they are supposed to and which ones are still a work in progress.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    I've noticed most of the same behaviors on my nook. The Daily articles from Dave Barry and the Getting to now your nook are always there, and I wish I could get rid of them. I also dislike that I can't delete the samples from my nook. I haven't noticed that the more in store issue, but haven't really paid attention. As for The Daily updates, mine update automatically, unlike what your nook seems to do. You may consider contacting BN support.

    I do hope some of the behaviors are rethought in future updates.

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    I thought I was having trouble with the Daily loading regularly, then I remembered I had put my nook in airplane mode to conserve the battery.

    I don't like not being able to manage content more effectively. Some of the Grin and Tonics were very funny and I would have liked to save them, and the Dave Berry piece I really want to jettison. Content management is the nook weakest point, by far, imho.

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    It sounds like your Nook is working correctly, poma. I've seen all the same behavior you list in your post. As far as I know The Daily does not automatically update unless you open it. As to ebook samples, yes to really manage them you need to do it through your ebook library on the B&N website. You can archive a B&N purchased ebook directly from Nook but can't delete it, or move it from the archive back to the Library.

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    I asked about the Dave Barry content and was told that B&N considers that sort of a User's Guide and it is static. I told them if they were going to provide a users guide that takes up space they needed to produce a much better one. The tongue in cheek thing is amusing when you first get the Nook and are just wanting to read something on the device. But it isn't something I would continually reference if I needed a guide.

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    The Dave Barry piece does disappear after a while--at least it did on my last Nook. But it stays there for a long time.

    If I want to check the Daily, I make sure my WiFi is on, then I just go to the page and wait for a few seconds. The old stuff comes up, then it disappears and refreshes with new.

    I also wish I could delete samples from my Nook and not through the B&N website. I don't know how long they stay there.

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    Default Re: Is this how your nook features are working?

    My more in store is working great! The Daily however is having the same issues as you. Mine will not automatically refresh when I turn airplane mode off. I also have to manually check for new B&N content which can be quite aggravating sometimes! But other than that your nook seems to be working great!(:

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