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    Default Weird battery problem

    I've encounter a weird new battery problem. For two days straight my battery drained quickly. Also during that time my page turns were taking forever (I've never had a problem with the page turn speed as so many others have talked about). I tried rebooting it a few times. I was ready to call tech support and try to get a new battery from BN. I tried leaving Wifi on and draining the battery down to nothing. I charged it up to 100%. The first time I unplugged it the battery icon had a question mark on it. I used the power button to force the screen saver then took it off. The battery icon was normal. Page turns seem to be back to regular speed and (so far) the battery life seems to have stabilized. I unplugged it at 1845, So it's been about seven and a half ours. I've read for about 2 to 2.5 hours. I'm at 81% I've had wifi off and airplane mode on (as usual).

    Anyone have any problems like the sudden drain or the uneven battery life? Also, is 20% drain normal for eight hours with two or two and a half hours of read time?

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    Default Re: Weird battery problem

    I have had this battery drain issue you describe twice. Funny thing is both times it is when I was in a hotel! NEVER has happened at home.
    Both times I went to bed with at least 60% battery and then the next day the nook is TOTALLY dead. I mean kerplunk dead. As in it won't do a thing and even when I plug it in it will not turn on nor will the orange light come on. It has to stay plugged in charging for an hour or so before it will even begin to respond again.

    Again this has only happened two times in 4 months and both times in a hotel. Not sure why that is! lol

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