Why cant I buy ebooks?

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    Default Why cant I buy ebooks?

    I have just bought a Nook and its on its way to me. I wanted to have a few books waiting when it arrived and so yesterday I 'bought' a couple for free books with no problem. They are in my library waiting.
    Today I have tried several times to buy a couple of different ebooks but its not working.
    I find the ebook I want and click on the orange Buy Now. Then in the box that pops up, I click Confirm and then the page changes to this one:
    and nothing more happens. The book does not appear in my library, I get no email about it and I am not charged for it (yes, I have enough money in my bank account).
    There are no error messages or anything at all to tell me why I cant buy these books.
    Its extremely frustrating.
    I have tried using Firefox and IE, but both do the same thing.
    Please can any one help? I have emailed Customer Service but havent had any reply.

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    I'll suggest a couple obvious things... Try logging out and logging back in to your account and make sure that you allow pop-ups from Barnes & Nobles.

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