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    Default lending fourm , exchanging forum and suggestions forum

    hi Rachel

    first of all , I wanna really thank you for making this board , hopefully it will a great place for nook users

    for my suggestions

    I really want to see lending forum where users in future can requests or offer e-books lending , exchanging forum where members can share their PDFs and EPUB files and suggestions forum where readers can ask other readers for e-books suggestion ...


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    Default Re: lending fourm , exchanging forum and suggestions forum

    These are great ideas!!

    Though I do want to point out, that if you know where to legally get a non-DRM'd copy of a book that will work on the nook, you can feel free to share the link to it in the Reading board now. I prefer to link people to where they can pick it up, so the author giving it away can get people to their site (since this was probably the intent on giving it away in the first place), rather than sharing the file directly...(file sharing is a very touchy subject even for free files, so we just have to be careful here). You can also go to the reading forum for now to ask for or get suggestions on books! Once that board is hopping a little more and if I see where we have an abundance of topics, I will split it out to more board if the need arises.

    I am sure a lending board will be very useful! Even if we can only lend once, if we have no one near us to lend to, I would want to be able to lend to my nookite friends here! That board will go up as soon as nook comes out and people are ready to lend!!

    Please keep the great ideas coming!! I am so happy to have created this place for all the nook users out there, and I want it to be as useful for you guys as possible!!

    Can't wait to see you around the boards!

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