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    My name is RJ McDonnell. I'm the author of Rock & Roll Homicide, Rock & Roll Rip-Off, and also a huge mystery fiction reader. I receive emails about mysteries written by well know authors all of the time. But I find most of the indie authors that I follow through forums like this one.

    In addition to learning about new authors and titles, I purchased my first eBook reader a few months ago and am still finding out about its features. Since I'm an author, most of my family and friends assume I know all about the technical nuances of their new gadgets. I'm hoping to find a thread where techies speak my language, and direct them over here.

    If you get a chance to read either of my books be sure to drop me a note and share your thoughts. I love getting feedback.
    RJ McDonnell
    The Classic Rockers Reunion with Death
    The Concert Killer
    Rock & Roll Rip-Off (2010 Mystery/Thriller of the Year)
    Rock & Roll Homicide


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    Default Re: Hello for a Mystery Lover

    Hi RJ and welcome to NOOKBOARDS.

    If you want to find where the 'geek speak' is here on NB's related to either the NC or the classic Nook, take a wander through these (depending on which device you have):



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