Hi, I am doing a giveaway of autographed paperbacks of Boomerang, running through Friday, October 14th. Just purchase the ebook version, which costs all of $0.99 on Barnes and Noble, and then stop by Boomerang's Home on the Web to let me know where you got your ebook (since it is available from other places too, like Sony or Apple or Smashwords or Kobo) and why you think it would be cool to have the paperback too. Maybe you would like to give it as a gift, or you think it would be neat to have a really, really rare book on your shelf or nightstand. Doesn't matter, you just need to give a reason. Then, on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 I will put all the names from the UK in Odie's supper bowl and whichever one he pulls out first will win the autographed paperback. Then I'll put all the names from the US in the bowl and the performance will repeat itself. Two winners, one from each side of the Atlantic. Here is where you can find Boomerang's Home on the Web. http://boomerangbyalanhutcheson.blogspot.com/ Links to all the places you can purchase Boomerang can be found there, along with lots of reader reviews, sample chapters and even a sneak peak at the next book featuring the main characters from Boomerang. Thanks! Alan