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Handicapped thoroughbred farm owner, Trenton Stewart may seem eccentric and resigned to live a quiet and bland life on his farm. However, few know that the former police officer turned farm owner casts a long shadow. A shadow from which he vanishes and the Ranger, a black cloaked vigilante emerges to balance the scales of justice. This faceless avenger has dwelled within the shadow of the men who were the head of the Stewart household for generations only to emerge when victims of injustice cry out.

Trenton Stewart held out little hope for his meeting with Carl Upton, an amoral real estate developer with unsavory designs for the town of Hawksbill and its residents. Not long after the meeting Trent and Caite Roane, his loyal and attractive estate manager, find themselves the targets of the developer’s smear machine and an axe wielding mad man that has breathed new life into the notorious Bunnyman of Northern Virginia fame. Will the intervention of the Ranger be enough to rebalance the scales or will Hawksbill fall in dread of the Bunnyman?