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"The dreams of a maiden tall and fair, the rise of an archer beyond compare."

When former soldier turned eye doctor Gerrin Tyne calls out to the heavens lamenting about his uncertain future, he is completely unprepared for the answer. Things begin to change when Gerrin purchases a strange camera at a flea market that records both light and shadows. A mission of mercy then puts Gerrin in the path of a hurricane where he stumbles upon a strange woman dressed as a bride and finds himself cast into a medieval world while attempting to flee from an inhuman creature that is devoted to his destruction. Gerrin awakens to find himself in a medieval world similar to his own yet startlingly different. In this world he finds himself caught in the path of the mad despot Axe Commander Vix, haunted by a beautiful silver eyed maiden that he met in his dreams, and compelled to aid the suffering people of Wheatvale by a mysterious messenger that appeared to him in both worlds.

Keeva Woodwright is a vision to be sure. The carpenter's daughter is tall, winsome in both face and figure, and able to captivate many with her silver eyes. The fair maiden thought that her life was over when she was taken prisoner by the Savant and purchased by Vix, the cruel king of the Savant. The silver eyes that drew so many to Keeva carry with them a weakness that she must keep a secret if she hopes to survive in the royal court in which she is supposed to act as a decoration. Keeva's only escape from her torment is when she finds herself in an alien dream world where she meets a man like no one she has ever met before. However, the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur when she begins to hear word of a mysterious archer that has set the Savant king on edge.