The planet Olympus. Through genetics, self-styled god Zeus has fashioned a race of men free from aging, illness, and death. However, he also created a race of slaves, called thralls, to serve his "perfect ones". Nearly dead from years of abuse, the thrall Griffin is contacted by an enigmatic being called Prometheus. On his urging, Griffin and his fellow thralls commandeer the space battleship Ithaca in a bid to find a new home. But escape is not as easy as it sounds, not when they must contend with the pursuing Olympian Armada, a possible traitor on their ship, and the mysterious Prometheus himself, who is not all he seems to be.


"ITHACA" will be available in two versions:
- version one: normal text version for eReaders (.pdf,.epub,.mobi, etc.)
- version two: he special feature, designed for tablets (iPad,Galaxy,etc.), which contains a soundtrack and graphics.

The first episode will be offered for free download!

Check out the trailer here:

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