Can $$ be added to a B&N gift card, online?

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    Default Can $$ be added to a B&N gift card, online?

    Unsure where to post this. After putting several $.99 charges on my default credit card for B&N web site, I saw a mention of adding a gift card to my account and $ will come out of it first. Great idea!

    Soo, am I able to add $$ to it when it runs dry, or do I have to go back to B&N and get another plastic gift card?


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    Default Re: Can $$ be added to a B&N gift card, online?

    You have to buy another physical gift card. However you don't have to buy them exclusively from B&N. You can buy one from anywhere they are sold. For example, the Safeway's in my area sell B&N gift cards.

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