I have a serialized suspense thriller, called King's X, that is very romantic, but not a "Romance" as in the genre. In it's first month of release, the series is doing quite well, especially on Kindle, just picking up traction with Nook readers. But I feel like I'm not reaching everybody who would enjoy the book and I would love to hear the opinions of a few more romance fans about how I could ( or whether I should) reach out to them. I definitely don't want to misrepresent the story here - it's much more page turning adventure, but it does carry a strong romantic thread throughout because of the premise. It is a story about reincarnation. Actually 2 stories, where the lovers and rivals of one story, may in fact be the continuing souls of the lovers and rivals of the other. It's a story about what a "soulmate" might really be. The trick for the reader is to figure out who is who, and who might have changed allegiances over many lifetimes.

Basically, I'm asking for romance readers to download the free sample from the Nook site and see if it doesn't pull you in. And then to please tell me what you think. I'll be here. If you decide to take a look, thanks very much in advance. Stephen T. Harper

ps - the two stories go like this...

1968 A.D.
Los Angeles…
A terrified girl, hunted by an ancient enemy.
A young policeman who will protect her with his life.
The secret she must remember in time to save herself.
The mystery he must solve to save us all.

1291 A.D.
The Crusades…
A brutal soldier from a mysterious order.
A dangerous outlaw trapped by circumstance.
A beautiful slave girl, caught between two deadly men.
The impossible quest that will take them beyond death to bind their fates... Forever.