Characters – do you love them or hate them, and does it matter?

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    Default Characters – do you love them or hate them, and does it matter?

    Do you want to like the characters in a book? If they are evil, does it bother you, or are you more interested in them being interesting, compelling and three dimensional? Do you want to know as much as possible about them – like what they wear, who they hang around with, their love affairs and so on?

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    Great question!

    I love character-driven stories. I often put down books without well-defined characters. I have trouble with a lot of scifi because of poor character development or interaction.

    That said, i don't have to LIKE the characters in a given book, they just need to be compelling. Comic books have been my go-to lately, but i would love to start seeking out short fiction with great, active characters.
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    I don't have to like characters, but I have to understand them and why they believe and act as they do. I have to know about the holes in their souls or I'll put the book down.
    Have characters, must write.

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