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    Not-so-indie indie author here (just signed a contract to be published in Germany) and I have to say it seems quite foolish not to promote the indie authors on B&N. My books continuously hit the best seller lists on amazon, but I see nary a sale on the nook. Anne Rice, for example, can only write one or two books a year, but there is a huge audience for her genre of fiction, and a plethora of indie authors who can fill that niche. It's really just flushing money down the toilet, because a reader can rip through a good book in a day or two and be hungry for another, and what... wait another year for the new Anne Rice to come out? I don't know. It's their company and they can run it into the rocks if they want, I guess. It's not a matter of quality, either. I read alot of indie books, and they are every bit as good as the traditionally published book in most cases. Just a few more typos here and there, and that's not even an issue with me because I find typos in the "pro" books, too. I guess I'm ranting a little. Sorry about that.
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    I'm new here and just floating around reading posts. I'm an avid reader and both an indie author and a traditionally published author. I'm not sure how you feel about FB but if you're looking for indie authors there are TONS of places on FB. They are FB groups and fanpages filled with indie authors. You can join a group that has both readers and authors, you can find s specific author's fanpages and you can "like" reading fan pages that post indie author books all day long. I can suggest a few good ones if you're interested.

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