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    Today I went to turn my Nook on and it froze on the start up screen, I turned it back off and went to turn it back on when it said that it needed to update software. It updated back to the factory software then told me I needed to register it. When I attempted to do this I got an error message telling me to call customer service. I called customer service and when he had me check the serial number it was 0, he then told me it needed to be replaced and we set up for the return by mail. When I asked the customer service rep why or how this happened, he gave me some answer about pressing the power button to many times when it was trying to download software, but it had been in it's case untouched so I'm not sure he knew what he was talking about. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and if so if they know what caused it so I can prevent it in the future as I'm a bit distraught about not having a funtioning Nook until sometime next week .


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    yvonne_81, welcome to NOOKBOARDS and sorry to hear you are having problems.

    I've been reading some stuff over the last few days both here and on B&N's forums about people who have been issues soft rooting some of the newer Nooks - Those posts also were referencing serial numbers of Nooks experiencing that issue. Is there a chance that it something you were trying to do (soft root)?

    If there is something wrong with your unit, don't hesitate sending it back. Are you aware of the things you probably should do (if you can) before sending it back... Backing up any non-BN ebooks, unregistering (not sure that is applicable to you now), and resetting to factory default (not sure that is applicable to you now)?


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    Default Re: Serial Number Reset to 0

    Thanks for the welcome!

    To answer your questions, I wasn't trying to root my Nook or anything of that nature, it reset it self to factory default and that's when the serial number went to 0. I don't have any other books on it besides the ones I have purchased from Barnes and Noble and with un-registering the now broken one, I thought I should do that when the new one arrives next week?

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