calibre and wireless sync to nook

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    Default calibre and wireless sync to nook

    Hey all,
    I just purchased and soft rooted my nook and am loving the new functions it has. I was curious if their was a way to have the nook automatically sync the news feeds I am subscribed to through calibre without having to plug the nook into calibre and download them on the computer first and then onto the nook. I know with an ipod for example if you subscribe to a podcast it can update it remotely within the wireless network. Does that function exist for the nook? Hope that makes some sort of sense

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    Default Re: calibre and wireless sync to nook

    @ aweil: Welcome to NOOKBOARDS.

    I am not sure about the feature you're asking about specific to a rooted Nook. Lets see if any of your fellow techies holler out.

    Another idea is to check out NOOKDEVS.COM (if you haven't already) and/or post something there for their developers.


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