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    Default Nook PC and Nook Library Title/Author

    Part I
    My cousin and I bought our Nooks at the same time. She got hers first and set up Nook PC on my computer with her email address as the "authorization" or whatever. Now when I try to authorize my device to Nook PC it asks me if I want to to HER email address. I went in, logged her off, and unplugged and plugged my Nook back in, and it still says HER email address, even though I'm logged on???? Help!!

    Part II
    So I download books, and a lot of them have the wrong title/author listed in my library. What is the easiest way to change this? I have Calibre on my home computer but don't have internet access to help me move around the program.

    Thanks!! =)

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    Default Re: Nook PC and Nook Library Title/Author

    @ kwright99: Welcome to NOOKBOARDS.

    I'm going to take a shot at Part II: If you installed Calibre on your PC, you don't need Internet access to use it to edit the metadata for the (non DRM - this is a whole topic in and of itself) eBooks you have added to it (Calibre). Once you change the metadata for title and author, you can put those eBooks back on the device.

    .... Somebody correct me if I am wrong: If the eBook is already on the device, I think you'll get a message indicating that it is and do you want to replace it.


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