"User not activated" error message - library books

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    Default "User not activated" error message - library books

    Just recently received a nook (only the touch screen is color). Software version 1.5.0. No microSD card.
    Have just downloaded books from local library.
    Got them into the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Connected the nook.
    Moved the books from the ADE into the nook.
    The books are there, but show "Unknown Author".
    When try to read the books, get the error message "User not Activated."
    Can't find any way to get rid of the error message to be able to read the books on the nook.
    They can be read in the ADE, but 'who cares'? I want to read them on the nook.
    How do I get the User Activated?

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    Default Re: "User not activated" error message - library books

    You have to Authorize the Nook as well as the computer.
    Read the directions here"


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