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    Default I'm confused ....

    Hi, my name is Lluis, I live in Barcelona, my English is not very good

    Sorry to bother you, but not to that web forum or go ... undecided

    I looked around the forum to see if my problem has a solution, but I have come to the conclusion that, or how bad, or my nook is to throw it away.

    Let me summarize my problem with my nook

    My nook originally had the version 1.4.3, and has the serial number 1004xxxxx

    Try changing the version of the nook, put on the SD card, version, Nook starts by pressing the start button + button < and I have already blocked the Nook
    The update is paused at the letter "i " Checking for update, and if I remove the SD card is also locked, the display says "Restoring to Factory fallback" the progress bar does not exceed the word "Restoring" and as with the SD card and put it restarts again.

    I need someone to guide me (if possible) in the process of putting back up my Nook.

    Not if I explained correctly in English

    or if I can help, can not help you know of any other member of the forum that can?

    Thanks in advance to assist me, a greeting.


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    Default Re: I'm confused ....

    i think you need to force a factory fall back. anyone here on the site have a simple way of explaining that??

    then you need to get the update from the barnes and noble website and drag and drop it into the nook.

    i wonder if your sd micro card has a problem. i really can't tell what you were saying about it, sorry.

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    Default Re: I'm confused ....

    Somebody check out these steps and confirm... I think they seem right.

    Lluis, I would like you to wait to do this until somebody helps out with the part I've noted further down that I am not sure about since you live ex-US.

    I hope you had any eBooks and screensavers and wallpapers backed up before doing any of what you already did.


    How to do a Manual Restore

    This will actually restore it to the same exact way you got it from the store, brand new, including with the un-updated software assuming that there have been updates since you got it. It's the Nook equivalent of restoring your computer with a fresh format and new Windows/Mac/Linux installation.

    Pop out your SDCard if you have one installed, just to be safe.

    Turn off your Nook by pressing the Power Button on the top of it.

    With it off, showing you a blank screen, press and hold the power button until the screen flickers black for a second, then continue to hold it for another 12 seconds. You won't see anything happen at this point, the screen will stay white.

    Repeat the above step 6 more times in a row. Yep, you read that right, 6 more times in a row.

    Now press the Power Button once to turn the Nook back on.

    You'll see the touch screen go black, with a sky blue progress bar, and a description of what it's doing, such as mounting the drive, formatting, etc. This takes a few minutes so be patient.

    Once it does that, it'll boot up to your main screen, (it can take a while) with any previous version of the software showing, and you'll need to treat it just as you did when it was brand spanking new. i.e. re-register it, set the display name again, reload your screensavers, books and so on.


    To update to the latest software version, press the "My Library" button, and make sure you're in the "My B&N Library" area; tap the "Check for new B&N content" button, it'll re-discover that it needs to be updated to the latest software, and automatically go through that process again for you. It can and often does take some time, and do some reboots, partition mounting, etc., so just be patient and let it do it's thing.


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    Default Re: I'm confused ....

    Hi, responding to Wellread I downloaded some versions of the official website Nook, I have put on the SD card,and when I start the Nook pressing the Power button + < will back up on the screen that is updated but does not stop the progress bar and resets.
    I tested several SD cards formatted to FAT32 and I always get the same result.

    Responding to Wdblevin, I have no backup, but could get one from a friend of mine who has my same version 1.4.3.
    I tried the method that I explain, but can not get the screen goes blank, continue with the text "Installing update", if I try the method nothing happens 6 times and will not start formatting and partitioning the system to leave it as the first day.

    I have a recorded video of how I progress to see how I try to restore the Nook, but not if you can hang of the thread ...

    Not if I can try some other measure or solution to put my nook on again

    Another thing I had not mentioned is that if I connect the pc does not open any folder or removable drive to put anything inside, just subminister power to the device.

    Your welcome more suggestions, greetings.


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