Two books won't download

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    Default Two books won't download

    On two books, i'm getting the message:
    Download Queued: will download shortly
    Network not available

    Other books download just fine. What is wrong?

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    Default Re: Two books won't download

    I am having the same problem. Started with books appearing in my library, not ready to read. So I would download and get that same message "Queued : will download shortly. And it would just sit there. Sometimes a day or two later it would finally appear.
    Now I can't get anything to download anymore. Even though it says I am connected to my WiFi router, it will say Network not available. Even though I says it is connected. Talked to the Nook support people twice, still no fix. One guy told me to go to B&N to see if the Nook works there. I live 100 mile RT from the nearest store.
    So now I have to tote my Nook along anytime we got to town to make sure any downloads waiting will download via 3G. Very frustrating and disappointing.

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    Default Re: Two books won't download

    Hi all... I hear B&N is having server issues in a direct correlation to the NC update that came out earlier this week.


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