Actually give my nook to a friend for trip to Mexico

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    Default Actually give my nook to a friend for trip to Mexico

    I don't use my nook very often since I use the nook app on my ipad. As such, here is my question: I have a friend who is going to Mexico for four months and would like to take my nook so she can buy and read books while she is there.

    How can she do this when it is registered in my name with my credit card on file? I don't want to buy all the books for her! But she doesn't want to have her credit card in my BN account. What can we do? Help please! She is leaving in 2 days!


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    The only thing I can think of is for her to buy the books now, pay you and then not buy books down there. Or some variation on this.

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    Unregister your nook and then she can create her own account and register it to her account

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