Hi Everyone,

I am hoping to get some help, as I've been to a few other places, and can't find anyone that knows for sure on my question.

My Nook no longer works properly with my Overdrive App. I talked to B&N and they said they won't be supporting Apps any longer. They said I would have to use Adobe Digital Editions. Overdrive works hand in hand with my library2go, so most of my books are checked out and downloaded to my Nook.

I can use ADE but such a pain, way more steps etc. I am wondering if others are running into this?

Also, I love the new Nook Tablet 7", and bought one for my sis for Christmas. I almost got one for myself, but my Nook is still in such good working order, I don't want to buy another.

Can anyone help me with this issue, maybe a "work-around" to still be able to get my Overdrive app to work on my Nook?

Btw, the library tells me that Overdrive should still "definitely" work with my particular Nook.

Thank you in advance for any help, information, experience on my problem Denise