I have an original Nook with both wi-fi and 3g, bought when this version was $260 USD. Years ago, after a few months of usage, one day it automatically updated to the 1.2 software via the 3g connection. Seeing this, I figured any future updates would come via 3g and I sort of forgot about it.

Today, years later, it occurred to me while I was fighting against a dead battery (BN really did make this a battle, god forbid the user experience be anything but miserable) that perhaps there was a newer software version that might fix this issue. A quick bing search showed me that, in fact, there had been five - the software was up to 1.7!

It had not automatically updated in years of use, despite the fact I have good 3g coverage. Why BN decided that updates cannot come via 3g is beyond me. It must be part of the "Customer Must Suffer" mentality that BN seems to have. I set it up to connect to my home wifi, but "Customer Must Suffer" struck again, and it was unable to see my home network. Btw, I work in IT and fully understand how to do all this - it was not user error.

So, jumping through every hoop presented to me by BN, I followed the instructions to download the 1.7 software to my PC and installed it on the nook. My battery was freshly charged, and everything went well until it tried to reboot. It hangs on the boot screen. It says "Your NOOK is starting up >", with the ">" switching positions 4 times before staying in place as the device locks up. It has done this more than five times now.

P.s. - If anyone from BN actually reads this - which I highly doubt, given the extraordinarily low priority placed on customer service by this company - please know that I had long ago decided never to do business with BN again. Brick & mortar bookstores are going out of business anyway, the survivors will be the ones who do ebooks and customer service well. And you guys do it like ass. Good luck with Chapter 11.