Please forgive my cross-posting; I've already asked this on the Adobe Digital Editions forum, but since specifically concerns a Nook, I thought you folks might have a better answer---

We're trying to help a library patron with this dilemma. He owns a Nook 1st Edition - the kind where all Overdrive ebooks must be sideloaded onto it because it can't use the Overdrive app used on the newer models. However, he doesn't have his own computer. We're trying to figure out a way for him to install Adobe Digital Editions on one of the library's public computers, authorize the computer temporarily with his Adobe ID, and then transfer the ebook to his Nook. He could deauthorize the computer afterwards, and we have Deep Freeze on our public computers, which will wipe everything out upon reboot anyway.

The problem is, from what I understand, that when you deauthorize a computer it doesn't reset the count of how many devices can be used with one Adobe ID. Somewhere I read that the limit is 3 computers and 3 mobile devices. So every three times he checked out ebooks he'd have to contact Adobe to have his limit increased?

Can anyone suggest an easier way for him to manage this?