this is my first post. I live in Germany. My English is not so good and I hopeyou can understand me.
This is my problem:
My wife and I each have a Nook Classic. Both devices are not rooted. I do notuse my Nook so often and a few days ago, as I wanted to read again, the Nook didnot start. The battery was probably empty. I've googled and tried all thetricks and tips but nothing has worked. I opened both Nooks and put theinternal SD card from my wife's Nook in my Nook. I was very happy, my Nook startedwith the other SD card. I have googled and read again that it is possible toclone the SD Card. I must say, that I ama Windows user and I have no idea of Linux. I burned a Linux Live CD. My old SDCard was not readable in Linux, so I think it is damaged. The SD Card from mywife's Nook I could read. I have the SD card cloned with "dd" to theexternal SD card from my wife’s Nook. The external SD card from my wife's Nook wasalso a SanDisk 2GB card. I put the new SD card in my Nook and it worked. Theproblem is, that all the numbers that was showed in the settings such as serialnumber, IMEI and Mac address, are the same as in my wife's Nook. What was that?I googled again and made a "fall back" to the original firmware versionof my Nook, in the hope that's helpful. Now I had version 1.2 before it was 1.7.
All numbers in thesettings were fine now except the serial number. I made an update to 1.7, but theserial number is still wrong. This tells me that the serial number is storedsomewhere on the internal SD card, but I cannot find the file. Now my Wife and I have two Nooks with the sameserial number.

Can anyone of youhelp me? Where is the file, which contains the serial number? How do I get my originalserial number, which is printed on the label under the battery, back into my Nook?
Sorry for the long explanation and thanks in advance.