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    Well I don't have the original nook, I have, or was given I should say, the nook hd plus....but there was only 3 topics to choose from and the hd plus wasn't one. But anyway,I want to verify something.....am I correct in understanding that the ONLY way to charge this thing isat HOME using the wall adapter,? What kind of crap is that? Here I am on the road, my battery is about dead and my vehicles usb won't charge this? Who's the idiot that thought that one up.?what's thesense of having this ontheroad when you can't charge it? Other REAL tablets will charge via car usb but not this....well, I for one am glad I didn't buythis piece of garbage, among other things that this CANT do that other tablets can. I could go on but because this is about dead I better post before itshuts down....space bar not that great eitherbythe way and I'm not backspacing......I guess this is designed for 90+ old seniors that do nothing but use it to read only....this is very limited....but the can't charge in vehicle thing? Really?

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    ok so no responses? theres really no way to charge this in a vehicle? it HAS to be charged only at home? lol..wow....oh well, what do you expect for 200.00..glad it was a gift cuz i'd never buy this thing

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